simplicity and minimalism

The year of minimalism

Around the end of December I was reading a book called “ the happiness Project” (which I wrote a small review about),it talked about owning little and being grateful for what you own and such. The idea seemed interesting to me, and to be honest I wanted to try something new this year, a new way of living.

It’s basically re-evaluating you whole life, from the things you own, to your relationships to your thoughts and seeing what’s important to you and what you actually need. Do you need 5 pairs of the same style pants? Do you need to keep all of your books? Do you need to keep buying a top every time you go to the mall?

I started my first week of the year by dumping all my belonging in the center of the room and see what I actually need, want and what I’m still holding to. And let me tell you how my room feels now! Its amazing to see all this space come up !My wardrobe is half empty because most of what was there just kept sitting for months and months. 70% of my book shelf went to recycling. I personally like this lifestyle so far, I own less, I take care of what I already have, I save money.

I’m still a newbie in this and I really want to adapted more of this lifestyles in to my life; I want to meditate more, minimize my thoughts to the point I only focus on the positive aspects and be more peaceful with all the ups and downs of life.

If you’re familiar with this lifestyle, what do you think about it? Have you read books about this topics? And if you have an advice please leave it in the comment box, I would love to read it.

That’s all for this post,

Have a lovely day where ever you are



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