Quote of the day: “Money does not bring happiness”

Back in university money was just a tool for me to get what I want, I never cared if I was spending too much on things I really didn’t need. It only could buy me things that gave me that temporary happiness of acquiring it. To me, the sense of having money doesn’t really brings me happiness, it actually makes me anxious and stressed.

To me, I prefer spending money on an experience, rather than getting an expensive bag for an X-amount of money, I prefer to use that money to sign up of a fitness class for example, or attend an art course and so on. Ever since I got into minimalism, I always focus on putting my money in things that brings me happiness in the experience. I’m totally not saying I won’t spend my money on some clothing or a home deco items, I want to be wise when I’m spending on such things because lets be honest with ourselves, sometimes we go into a store and buy things that “looked” nice but chances of you “really” needing them are little. “wanting” to get something is OK, we just need to be moderate.

To sum up my thoughts about this quote, having money (in my opinion) doesn’t “always” bring happiness. I think that we work hard on getting that money (work isn’t easy) so we should be wise in what we are spending it in.

What are your thoughts about this quote? Do you agree or disagree?

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day wherever you are



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