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January books

January is coming to an end very soon, and i must say its been a month full of new experiences for me. In the beginning of the year I wanted to give myself a small goal,  which is to read a book each month. Apparently i surprised myself and read two books! I’m pretty proud of myself! So I’ll be sharing with you my impression on the two books.


The Rules to Break – By Richard Templar

What I loved about this book (a side from the easy language) is that its lists 100 “rules” that is surely came across you through your peers, family or friend. The writers aim is it to contradicts them and give you another “better” rule to build on. Reading them and understanding  why should we break these rules really made me rethink about the way I see things. (I’ll be sharing some of my favorite rules to break in another post, so keep an eye!)

Book Genera: Self help // Rating: 3.5/5


The Art of Creative Thinking – By: Rod Judkins

This book is about making you open your mind and simply thinking out of the box, away from what is “Normal”, and working our creativity. What’s interesting in this book is that it contains very small chapters (1 to 2 pages long) that covers a way of creative thinking though telling you what others did and how they overcome the norm and became a “Creative thinker”. I personally learned so many new information that widened my way of thinking. For example one of the things that i learned is that Alexander Fleming (who discovered penicillin and antibiotics) was actually an artist! He was so much into art that enabled him to do his experiments in a very artistic and creative way. The book is defiantly interesting and have so many things to be leaned from.

Book Genera: Self help // Rating: 3.5/5


I hope you enjoyed this review and discovered new books to read, I’m pretty excited for February books which have a different theme.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day



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