Thoughts about life

My life so far

This is a personal post, so if you dont like reading about personal issues just ignore this post.

Ok lets start, I graduated university July 2014. University wasn’t particularly ‘the best’ it was a good trip I would say, my personality changed a lot, I use to be shy and not very social, now I have more confident in myself (kind of) and can carry myself through social events . Anyhow, the thing that I didn’t experience is studying ‘my passion’. The first two years in my university was a bumpy ride, I was so lost, I didn’t have any confident in what I wanted to do, I simply wanted people to encourage me,,, which now I discovered is not the best thing to wish. So I relyed in what my parents saw as ‘good’ thus went into health school which is not my thing.

Anyhow I finished university, graduated with a 3.0 GP, and decided that I will make my years count after I finished university and follow my passion: Arts, crafts and creative stuff. Sadly I didn’t plan, I spent my time after graduating trying to keep my online craft store alive, but that didn’t work, so I decided to get any job and have a normal boring life ( yes I actually thought that way). So, here I am, doing the most boring (excuse me if you work in this field but this is my opinion) job I have ever thought I would be doing … researching, and writing regulations that don’t go anywhere because its “not a priority” (yup, stayed on my desktop getting pickled). See, the problem is that when I first started I wanted (a) an office job (b) lowest possible interaction with people (c) just get a proper salary to keep me independent from my parents. And here I am ( I seriously can’t believe I had that type of mentality, but here you have it, in 10 months I have change).

So yah,, right now I’m actually writing this post in one of the documents at work so it would like I’m “writing” but actually I’m just ranting my heart out about work.

So what am I going to do right now? I sent my CV to couple of places and stated that I’m looking for a non-office-bound-job, have interaction with people and do something creative.

That’s all for this post, if you have any advice feel free to leave them below.

Oh, I’m turning 23 tomorrow 🎂

Bye for now


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