Thoughts about life

Letter to self


I turned 23 today,, wow i feel much older for some reason. I’m actually writing this as a little letter for my future self ( some goals I want to achieve in my 23rd year).

Dear self;

Life isnt easy, and you know that. Some days will be meh and annoying, some will be  fine, but you know what, some will be AWESOME! And full of happiness. Its all about how you see it, how you react to what happens to you.

So dear, don’t stress yourself, be calm because after all these days pass so fast that all the negativity you produce isn’t worth it.

You’re  23 years young, make the best of it, this year be sure to:

  • Read more books (learn and explore )
  • Write more (express yourself more)
  • Take care of your body (eat the best and move more)
  • Care less about money (its comes and go, dont beat yourself too much)
  • Be open to opportunities (discovery yourself)
  • Love yourself (you’ve got only one body and soul, honer it).

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