Handmade envelop -Crafts-

Hello everyone,

Today I want to share with you a simple handmade envelop tutorial, its very easy to make and there are so many ideas to make it as the way you like. so lets start!


You will be needing; scissors, glue, pencil, ruler, brown papers (or any color you prefer) and decorations (or you can keep it plain if you wish)


Start by drawing a rectangular shape that has a height of 10cm and width of 17 cm


From the left side, measure 2cm and make a small mark, then measure another 2cm and draw a vertical line. from the tip of the 2cm line draw a line that is 8cm long then at the tip draw 2cm vertical line to create a small rectangle (as the picture above).


After you create a small rectangle on top do the same on the bottom by which they are perpendicular to each other (same measurement -2cmx8cm)IMG_0952

After you finish, fold the side inward as seen above.


glue the tip of the thicker side and fold the small side over it. then glue the bottom side to create closed envelop.

After you glue the bottom side keep the one above open. (you can use it for letter, trade sticker or even use it to put tea in it for a gift).


You can decorate the envelop the was you like. I decorated mine with pressed flowers and leaves (I have used hot glue gun).

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun creating your own~


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