Japanese Films and Animated Movies

Hello everyone,

In this post I will be sharing with you some of my all-time favorite Japanese films, animated movies and short drama that I absolutely love.

So let’s get started!

Films & short drama:

Patisserie Coin De Rue.


What I love about this films are the small details about the pastries, the bakery itself and the area where the film was shot. I really focus on such details and mostly these make me so attached to a film. One of the reasons that made me absolutely love this film (and watched it for endless amount of times) is the theme. I’m generally interested in themes that are revolved around cooking, discovering oneself and slow moving time frame (to make it clear, the scenes in the film really do take it time for the person who watch it to appreciate the small details, to get in touch with the actors/actresses emotions , there is no rushing around).

Kamome Diner

Picture 12.png

Surprisingly this film also has the same theme, Food. It also shares the “slow moving time frame”. I’ll give you a small summary (because I love this film so much), It’s about a protagonist who did something I want to do one day, basically turn around the globe ball, close her eyes and randomly point to anywhere and go! How brave and adventurous is that! So the protagonist ended up in the Finnish capital Helsinki and open her own little restaurant where she spreads the love of Japanese Soul food. One of the things that I absolutely loved in the film (same element as the previous one) the shooting area! This is the first time I watch a film that took place in Finland, which was interesting and made me put it in the list of the places I want to visit one day.

Bread and soup and cat weather


This is a short drama, 4 episode long (around an hour long each). And as the name indicated it has food and cat, yes two things I absolutely love. It’s led by the same protagonist as Kamome Diner (Satomi Kobayashi), and it has the same filming style. It follows a story of the protagonist quitting her day job to take over her deceased mother restaurant, however changing the whole concept. What I loved about this short drama is that the protagonist quitting her job with a clear “I have no plan” plan. She took things slowly, without pressuring herself and by that it allowed inspiration to come by itself to her (it was a deep lesson for me). Her restaurant concept was my favorite, 2 types of sandwiches and one soup every day, that’s it, how simple is that. I wish I can find a place like that around her (Not to mention the place interior which inspired me so much, it really made me what to open my small little coffee shop)

Animated movies:

The animated movies here my absolutely favorite and for the sake of not making this post endless, I’ll be just listing them.

Children who chases lost voices from deep down // Garden of Word // Whisper of the heart // Only yesterday // Howl’s moving castle // Kiki delivery service

And that all for my favorite Japanese films and animated movies, I hope you discovered something new. What’s your favorite film? Something you have watched many times? Share it in the comments box , I would love to discover new things.

Have a lovely Day/night wherever you are.


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