Paintings and Art work

I have decided to take a challenge to myself and learn about something I have always wanted to learn, Art. Luckily, we can find online courses, videos and material that can teach us a lot without stepping outside, and I’m very grateful for that. I have come across a website called “coursra” which provides so many different types of studying material. I have chosen to undergo the studying of “Modern Art and Ideas”. What I liked about the website is that it provides short, quick and into the point material that are easy to grasp. Through the course, I have come across some paintings I would like to share with you.

Starry Sky – Van Gogh.


I have always saw his paintings as interesting and extraordinary. In the lesson it was said that van Gogh has painted this art when he was admitted himself to the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole lunatic asylum on 8 May 1889. In addition to other paintings he produced when he was there.

Christina’s world – Andrew Wyeth


What I absolutely loved about this art work is the really small details. If you look closely, the grass feels so real, you can imagine yourself walking on the grass, feeling it. Andrew Wyeth painted this painting of his neighbor Christina who has been suffering from a neurological disease that disabled her from walking. This painting  was inspired when he once  saw her crawling on the hill collecting blueberries. His painting simply gives the message that although she was disabled, and that people considered hopeless, he wanted to show that she was limited physically but by no means spiritually.

Bingo – Gordon Matte Clark 


This art work was very interesting that I had to share it. Clark has graduated with a degree in architecture , however when he graduated, he decided that wasn’t the thing he wanted to do. Instead he took an project. Around 1974 in Niagara Falls,people left that area and there were abandoned houses. So Clark decided on taking one of the houses as his project, which was dividing an area of the house into 9 equal rectangular as in the Bingo game (as seen in the picture above). His project was to deconstruct the house and preserve the life it had. I personally find it very interesting. Instead of just destroying the house, he preserved some of the life it had. (the below picture are the pieces that were preserved in the Museum of modern art in NewYork)


That’s all for this post,I hope you enjoyed reading it and discovered something new.

Have a lovely day/nigh wherever you are.

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