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“Never let me go” novel/film/drama review

Hello everyone,

In this post I want to share with you a review of one of my favorite books which turned not only into a movie but to a Japanese drama!. “never let me go” is a novel by Kazou Ishiguro a  Japanese novelist who was born in Japan but raised in the United Kingdom. The story follows three children, Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy who were students at Hailsham, an exclusive boarding school secluded in the English countryside.The children living in this school never left the school  boards and they were brainwashed by their teachers that they are special and extraordinary, that they have a purpose in this life, which is completing donation their internal organs and give life to other people. 


The story was very interesting, since I have ever came through such plot. I first read the book and totally loved it,I was so touched with it even though its not the happiest book I read. It was mysterious, deep and dark (dont let that hold you back , i highly recommend this book). After that I watched the movie, which I liked to some extend (one reason I dont like watching movies of books I really loved because most of the time the movie wont capture the scenes as I imagined, nor it will cover everything. However I liked it, It was beautifully made.


And surprisingly, I have discovered the beginning  of this year that there will be a Japanese drama with the same title! I was so excited to watch it. So far there are 4 episodes out there, and I must say I love it so far (lets hope it doesn’t get messed up, I know it wont). Since I’m familiar with many Japanese actors and actresses, I liked the cast.


So if your looking for some interesting story I highly recommend reading the novel first (because its really nice and the details are so realistic it just sparked my imaginary) and then I would recommend watching the Drama, maybe the movie later on (the drama is just beautiful).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post

Have a lovely day/night where ever you are.

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