looking back

Looking back – February

Winter is taking its leave, Its taking away the cool breeze, the floating clouds, the dark mornings. My favorite season is biding us farewell, hoping to be able to see it next year.

February has been such a productive month for me, I have learned a lot. This month I have turned 23, had lots and lots of thoughts about my life. So far I decided on the little steps to take.I had my share of the ups and downs in life this month. This month has started to be bright and happy – maybe because I was excited about my birthday- and now it’s been like I’ve been crawling my way through it.

March is coming up soon, I have registered for a sewing class which is something I’ve always wanted to do, so hopefully I’ll keep you updated with my progress. Also Art gallery season is in March, I’m planning to visit some art galleries with a friend of mine, I just hope things go well and we make it. Also I’m also excited to discover more amazing books this coming month.

There isn’t many things I planned on doing the coming month, but I hope better days come, with better opportunities in life, that will brings us joy. I wish for the best to everyone is coming month. Just remember, even when things in life get bumpy, look ahead and surly good things will come.


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