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February books

February book review

February has been such a productive month for me,I have read 6 books! Yup I’m pretty proud of my progress. I have read 3 auto biographies, two novels and one self-help book. So in this post I will be sharing with you my thoughts and review about the books I have read.

The life changing magic of tidying up – by Marie Kondo

I’ve came across this book through couple of youtubers I enjoy watching there videos, and they have said so many wonderful things about this book, how it changed their lives, so I though “ I have to get this”. This book is simply about “how organizing your house, space, or room can change your life in so many ways” and here is why. But first I want to give you a small introduction about the writer, Marie Kondo is tidying consultant from Japan (how cool is that!) who helps people sort out their life by simply de-cluttering their homes. In this book she tells about her early in counters with tiding, how from such a very young age she was interested in tidying and how she discovered this magic that made her want to share it with the world.

In the book she tells about tips of how to start with sorting and organizing the house/room, from the types of clothes you start with to how you actually fold and store them. Its such a wonderful book which I enjoyed so much. What I loved about the book how she integrate living a happy life though making the space we live in a simple, organized space. The simple rule of thumb with starting our journey in decluttering our lives is hold this item (clothes, books, sentimental items…etc.) and asking yourself “does this spark joy” without giving us another chance of saying “well… no but”, no buts, take it and donate/recycle it. Marie really emphasizes on surrounding yourself with things that makes you happy, things that spark joy in you.

Book Genera: Self-help // Rating: 4/5

 Lessons from Madam Chic – 20 stylish secrets I learned while living in Paris – by Jennifer L. Scott

The book revolves around Jennifer’s experience when she have visited Paris of a college exchange which lasted for 6 months. In this book she have talked about the things she have learned during her stay in Paris though observing her host family, teachers and French people. And how these 6 months have changed her life. The book covered issues from diet and exercise, style and beauty and how to live well. I personally found the book interesting and easy to read. Jennifer’s experience was very interesting and taught me some tricks to apply in my life. Some of the things I found interesting is the 10 item wardrobe, which was having a set of clothes that were in one style, fit your taste, could be all combined together (by which all of the tops could fit with the bottoms) and above all brought the best in you and made you happy. I’ve also enjoyed the parts where Jennifer gave tips of how important it is to take enjoy life’s little pleasures and to really immerse yourself in them, and I really do now. One of the things I love is reading, whenever I go buy a book I enjoy the process of going through the books, picking the ones that caught my attention and reading through them until I find the jewel. The book was written in a lovely way, I loved how Jennifer would give us some stories at the time she was in Paris and the lessons she learned every day. I would defiantly open this book again and reread the parts I liked.

Book Genera: Auto biographies // Rating: 3.5/5

 The Girl who leapt through time – by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

Back when I was in high school I’ve watched an animated movie called the “Girl who leapt through time” which story goes like this: A clumsy, tom boy girl accidentally got the power to leap through time, going backward. Yup that’s all I can say without spoiling the story (which I want to avoid). I was so happy when I found the novel during one of the weekends, I never knew it was based on a novel, so I immediately got it. The story in the novel and movie are changed a bit, however while I was reading, the memories of the movie kept rolling in my mind. That was one amazing feeling, and it felt awesome! The language of the novel was very easy to read, and by that I felt it was aimed for teenagers and young adult .It was so short, I finished it in one day, I felt so sad, I wished there were more fillings in there. But overall I enjoyed it so much and highly recommend reading the book and watching the movie.

Book Genera: Novel // Rating: 4/5

 Goodbye Tsugumi – by Yoshimoto Banana.

I have read this book long back, a year or so before, and loved it so much. One of the reasons I decided to reread it is because I enjoy reading Yoshimoto’s novels, her way of writing is so beautiful, her description of the charters feelings is so real and you can relate to it. She has some similarities like Haruhi Murakami style (which I like reading too). The plot of this novel is also one of the reasons why I chose to read, it’s basically about remembering loss memories and shifting perspective. The story revolves around Maria and her cousin Tsugumi. Both have been raised in a small town near the sea. Both of them had their own problems, Maria and her mother lived in her aunts Inn where her mom worked there, as for her father was away in Tokyo trying to deal with a former divorce to return to his family by the sea. As for Tsugumi, she was an odd child, ever since born she had been sick and was told that she will never survive adulthood. She was a tough, strong and outrageous child. However after finishing school, Maria and her parents moved to Tokyo thus leaving her home town. The story follows a summer vacation when Maria returned to the town knowing that the Inn she had lived her whole life is closing down, causing her to lose a place she once called home. As she spent her last summer at the sea, she makes her last memories with Tsugumi who was dying soon, the Inn and the town.

I personally enjoyed reading the book once again. Even though I know what will happen, It didn’t stop me from enjoying the beautiful writing of Yoshimoto. This was my first book to read from Yoshimotos works, and after that I pretty much read 6 of her other works

Book Genera: Novel // Rating: 4/5

 The Last Lecture – by Randy Pausch

To be honest, I wasn’t going to pick this book, here’s how it went. On Thursday I went to the bookstore and got a book, surprisingly I finished it in 2 days! However I couldn’t go back to the bookstore to get another one ,,, so I tried going to the supermarkets book section, and there was where I met this book. I was planning to read “when breath becomes air” which is an autobiography of a cancer patient, and I really didn’t want read another book of the same genera.. But I was wrong. The book was a good read. It follows the story of Randy, a university professor in computer science. The books talks his life, what he has achieved, what he has done to himself, his family and his community. It was inspiring how he achieved all of his childhood dreams even though he has achieved them later in life (Point: it really reminded me that dreams DO come true, however they need patient and believing in them that one day they will come). In addition of himself achieving what he wanted, he helped people around him achieve what they wish for. Generally the book really just reminded me to stand still in life and think again of what is worth it. That everyone should pursue what they think is worthwhile, weather if its writing or studying or cooking or playing sport. We need to focus on what brings joy to us.

Book Genera: Auto Biography // Rating: 3.5/5

 When Breath Becomes air – Paul Kalanithi

I cannot express by words how much I enjoyed, how much I felt touched with this book. I have waited ever since the beginning of January (got it on the 24th of February) to get it and coop myself the whole weekend reading it. The book is about Paul, who has become a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist after so many twists and turns in life, and finally he was on top of the mountain, looking down to all the opportunities that life as to give. However he was diagnosed with an advanced stage lung cancer. A thing to be said, having taking a course in physiology did help me understand the details he had said out the operations he did, his patient conditions and such. At some point of reading I was too immersed in the book I could actually make in my mind the scenes he was describing of the operation and the setting of his life. Unlike “The last lecture” In this book Paul starts telling his story in the beginning, from where he started till the last sentence he wrote (and the rest of the book his wife continued writing describing his life till the end). When Paul knew that he had cancer, he was put on the spot, he had to stop and think of what was worth it, what he should do in his remaining life. I highly recommend reading this book, I can defiantly say this is one of the best books I read.

Book Genera: Auto Biography // Rating: 4.5/5

This was such a long review, I hoped you discovered new books and please let me know if you have read any of them, what was your impression? And if you have any recommendation please leave them in the comments box.

Thank you


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