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Mid of February felt like sliding down on a steep emotional hill ,,, things are so crappy at work, i feel so depressed every morning going there, my eyes become moist with tears, i try not to let them slid off because ill endup with a puffy nose.Things at home are  so  stressed, my mom is so tried with kills my heart seeing her like that, I wish i can something that will make her happy.

January till mid February felt great , but it’s normal and expected for things to go side ways.

I thinking to seeing a physiologist since i can’t handle negative emotions, whenever they peak out i collapse over and get too depressed, always over little things…

But i dont feel very comfortable sharing my emotions face to face,, i feel ashamed even though im trying to tell myself they’re emotions, and we’re human so it’s normal, my problem is that i do not know how to deal with them.

I dont know what to do, i feel like im in a pit of a hole.
11:20am/ at work

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