Embroidery-first class

I have signed up for a ribbon embroidery class in the mid of February, and till it started i was thinking of dropping out from it simply because i didnt feel like going out and socializing  with others (due to my terrible mood these days), but I have attended it, yesterday, and im glad i did go.

The class was pretty late, it was from 7pm till 9:30pm, however the class was very little, the teacher and three students including me. What was very interesting in the class is that everyone of us was from a differentnationality, the instructor was from South Africa, one of the students was from England and the other was from Bern in Switzerland. The teacher and the other students were very friendly, we talked aboutt why we chose to join the class, about life and work. It amazing how we started to talk easy even though we just met.

So about why i wanted to join this class, a really long time ago i wanted to learn how to do it, and i bought a book however i gave up too easily because it seemed too hard. And after that I completely forgot about it. In February when i went to the store i saw that they had the class and i immediately signed up, deep down i didnt want to go, but i just wanted to push myself outside my comfort zone, and how glad i am for doing that.

So I signed up for three classess , once a week, and yesterday we learned how to do the roses and rose buds. Let me tell you how amazed i was when i knew it was so easy to make the roses ! Its like i have discovered a secret!

So for this week ill have to finsh my roses and next week we will learn how to make the leaves!

Thats all for the update on my embroidery class, ill will hopefully document my progress.

Have a lovely day ~


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