book review

March books


This month I havent planned out the books I wanted to read, I have gotten all the books but randomly taking what ever I saw there in the “most bought” section. Also to be honest here, I’m pretty lazy to write this post, reason, because I’ve read amazing books and I’m too lazy to write long descriptions. So to avoid this, I will list the books I’ve read with a small impression about the book.

The first book I bought is “Still Alice” by Lisa Genova, It follows a life of a woman called Alice, who is leads a successful life as a professor and suddenly she was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. I enjoyed reading the book, it was written so beautifully. And it was also sad to read about how Alice life just went downhill.

The second book I read is a Japanese book called “Woman on the Other Shore” by Mitsuyo Kakuta. Its about a friendship between two woman who both leads a different life, one is a house wife looking for a way to go to work again and do something with her life, and the other is a successful business woman. I loved how the book chapter shifts between past and present of the two woman’s life, its interesting to know their background story as you follow their life event. The book is an easy read, it doesn’t have that action nor sad story, but i really enjoy reading about others people lives stories.

The third book I read was “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. The book is about the Authors life, how it changed when he contacted his old university professor. His professor was going downhill with his health condition,and that was the reason he reconnected with him. What I enjoyed in this book other than it was a short read, i liked Morries advice to Mitch, he gave him a bundle of advice to go with in life, lessons in life.

My forth and fifth books are Arabic books, which I really enjoyed reading. I felt really happy to go back reading arabic books and was surprised how the language was beautiful. The two books I read were (if you read Arabic I recommend them):

ساق البامبو لـ سعود السنعوسي

الرواية تتحدث عن شخص، ابوه كويتي الجنسية و امه فلبنية. تتلخص حياة عيسى او هوزيه في حلم صنعته له امه من صغره، عن مكان يشبه الخيال، عن بلجة تتحقق فيها الامنيات، و هي بلاد والده. حاول هوزيه التعايش في بلاد امه سعيا للذهاب يوما إلى ذلك المكان الخيالي.. الكويت. احببت طريقت سرد القصة، الاحداث و الشخصيات. استطعت التعايش مع الشخصية. انصح بقرءة الرواية (انهيتها في 4 ايام

كبرت و نسيت ان انسى لــ بثينة العيسى

هذه الرواية تتحدث عن فتاة، سلبت الكثير من حقوقها و احلامها، و كالعادة اذا سلب الشخص هذه الاشياء سوف ياتي يوم و ينعكس كل ذلك على شخصية الانسان و حياته. فاطمة، بطلة الرواية وجدت في الشعر حياة اخرى، حلم و حب،و لكن رأت في العنف و السلب حباً ايضا ، و قيل لها ستكبرين و تنسين،،و لكنها لم تنسى

كانت رواية حزينة بنهاية سعيدة، و رغمة ذلك احببتها و انهيتها في يوم واحد



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