Studying Herbalism

On the last day of march have taken a new step, I have decided to enroll  into an online Herbalism course, and so far, this step brought me joy. I’ve always had an interest in using herbs and teas to treat headache, bloating or even to relax.

Since I’ve been having a hard time in March, I decided to do something new. I looked around for online courses that taught this subject, and trust me there are tons of them, until I have come upon “The Herbal Academy or New England”. The website was very friendly, everything was easy to access, they even offered a small free e-book about some herbs, it was what pulled me to it. I downloaded the book (which you can also from here) and I started reading about it, and then I went to look at the courses they provided, which what I most liked. They have different levels, from beginner, to intermediate; there are also some that are focused if you are planning to start a business!

So I enrolled into the Introductory course, and so far I’m enjoying it so much. The lessons are easy to grasp, they provide very helpful handout and very interesting recipes to try. What I also liked about this introductory course is that I can take my time with it since its only the first step, Im given 1 year to complete the course on my pace and of course there are some quizzes after each unite (total of 7-6 I think).

What I really also enjoyed was  discovering a herbal shop called Neal’s Yard Remedies which sold loose herbs, like whole dried flowers! Not the ones in tea bags, I was so excited I bought 5 types of herbs to experiment with. The shop was so lovely, they had so many herbal goods. They have an online store which you can check here

If you are interested in herbs I encourage you to take a step, go to the website, check the free book and hopefully you discover new things. I will be sharing with you some herbal tea recipes I tried.

Thank you for reading


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