looking back

Looking back – April

April has been a mad month (if you could understand my Arabic posts then you would know so far). Writing my true feelings in this blog made it a little bit better for me to cope with my mood issues these days. I have started having strong mood swings since February, and I’ve tried by best – till now- to cope up with it with herbal teas, essential oils,taking supplements and trying my best to relax, but its not getting better. So far I’m not convinced seeing a professional regarding that, but a way to drain these emotions was through writing. So I have been writing quite alot this month, comparing it with before.

Basically I didnt accomplish much this months, however here are some things I have enjoyed:

Movies I liked:

  • The True cost
  • The Boy and the beast
  • The Anthem of the heart

Random things I did:

  • Started making my own herbal tea mixes (mainly use lavender, chamomile, rose and lemon balm)
  • Had a full  course of physiotherapy for my shoulder stiffness
  • Read 6 short books
  • Watched Kung Fu Panda 3
  • Discovered a really good moisturizer from Neals Remedies for my oily face-skin issue
  • Had little flowers nail art
  • started drinking 330ml of water as soon as i wake up as a way to cleanse my body

Thats all of the things I did this month, I’m not very happy with my accomplishments,  I’ve been doubting myself alot. I honestly dont know what to do with my life, I mean aside from work, I dont have anything productive to do (only laying on the floor everyday after work to read books or just stare at the sky).

Thats it for this post, Thank you for reading my post, even though they’re so dull (especially  the arabic ones), I hope better days are awaiting for us all.

Good bye


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