book review

April Books

This month I have read 6 short books, I honestly was craving Japanese literature so badly that I went to the book store and bought the books without reading about  them. And I wasn’t let down, I really enjoyed reading them, so hope you enjoy and discover a new book.

  1. The girl with the white flag – Tomiko Higa

The book is about Tomiko and her childhood during the WWII. The book was written with such great detail that I couldn’t put it down. It was very interesting and sad to read about how a child have survived war. It made me think of the current wars and the children surviving them. Highly recommend it.

2. Be with you – Takuji Ichikawa

The story is about a father, his son and his wife, who came back to life after one year of her death. When Mio came back to life she couldn’t remember who she is and who are they. The story was very sweet, about family, love, and simply appreciating the moment. The book ha so many lovely details (about how their childhood, their past and how they got married no matter how different they both were) which made me enjoy it so much. If you are looking for something easygoing, relaxed-kind-of book i recommended it (it has a movie and a manga based on the book)

3. Lizard – Yoshimoto Banana

This novel had 6 short essays. I vividly remember what they were about, however as all Yoshimoto’s books, I enjoy the way of her writing, how she describes the characters life, their settings, how they live life and what they think about. I wish the stories were longer, since I enjoyed reading them. I will definitely re-read the book again (it makes a good read if you cant focus on reading a long book).

4- Schoolgirl – Osamu Dazai

This novel follows the life of a school girl, it revolves around of day of her life, what she does, her thoughts, her issues, how she sees life and how she feels. I personally could relate to her is couple of places in the book, especially when she was talking about her mother and how she wishes she could make her mother happy since her father passed away. The book is very short (102 pages), and it carried a story that I personally shared with the character and enjoyed readying.

5. (Arabic book) كخه يا بابا – عبدالله المغلوث

6. The Driving Pool – Yoko Ogawa

This book contains 3 short stories, which I really enjoyed reading. I have read one of Yoko’s books and really enjoyed her way of writing, which was similar to Yoshimoto’s. The stories that are covered in this novel were interesting (1) about a girl who live in an orphanage her parents run, and her story of her love for Jun (a boy who live there) (2) About a sister who writes a diary about her sisters pregnancy (3) A girl who re visits her past. The stories where somehow disturbing (if you read the book you will get me), but overall I enjoyed the book (planning to read more of Yoko’s books)
Thats all for the books this month, I generally enjoyed this month selection and hopefully discover more books in May.

Good bye


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