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Barcelona trip – day 3

Today I had breakfast at the apartment, a very simple one (yogurt, coffee, sandwich and juice) and later left for a medical checkup at 10. I had an eye checkup since Im planning to have a Laisic surgery ( Ive been wearing my glasses for around 13 years). The checks went well however I was advised not to have it until im a but older, atleast till my eyesight is stable. What I really liked is the way the surgon was advising me and speaking to me. I mean in my country, there are many surgons who don’t practice medicine to help people but to sell their skills and get money. I was so hapy of how much the surgon was advsing me on to not do it now ( He could do it  right away and get money but I really felt that he is concerned ).

After the appointment we headed back to the apartment and we couldn’t go shopping due to some eye drops we have taken we couldn’t see well with the sunlight. So we made lunch at the apartment and rested till later afternoon.

Wi-fi tickets 📃

We went out for a walk for a coffee which was infront of a famous church

(the cake was yum!)

Here are photos of the places we walked by

We reached the port area, the wind was so strong and cold! Amazing weather🌬❄️

Went to the local market and bought fruits and vegetables! I miss avocados and bananas 😋

There were so many plants stalls! i wanted to buy them so badly buts I cant take them with me 😩


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