looking back

Looking back- May

I can surly say that this month has been like climbing a mountain. It started with a whole mixture of weird emotions, I was very alert to all sort of things happening to me, and being very negative I would say. This month I traveled to Barcelona ( as you can already know from my daily posts on my trip) and I’m very grateful for being able to travel, it was like a “re start” for my well-being and emotions (I felt very peaceful and happy through out the trip, and I thank god for that).

During the trip, I’ve lived a relaxed routine. Waking up whenever I want, making breakfast, reading a book, and go out walking for the rest of the day, aimlessly, with no goal and going to wherever sparks my interest. I think that was the best decision I did, not planning anything, not picking out the places I want to see, and just walking out the door and see where my curiosity will take me to. I’m grateful for that.

This month I’ve watched plenty of movies which I really loved and enjoyed:

  • Little Forest (the 2 films)
  • Midnight diner
  • Hana’s miso soup
  • Bakuma
  • Orange
  • Annpan
  • Ore no Monogatari

During the month of May I have did couple of things :

  • Went to the book fair event with my parents
  • Baked a lot of sweets (baked donut, walnut cookies and orange cake)
  • Bought a low table to use it as my work place
  • Went shopping to IKEA with my friend
  • Traveled to Barcelona
  • Read 2 books

I would say I still have mixed feelings about this month, my work-life is still “meh” (if you can get me), but I just want to ignore the fact that I hate my job so much and praying that something better workout for me. Im struggling most with controlling my emotions these couple of months, Ill try everyday little by little gain control on that.

What I hope for next month is:

  • Be more at peace with myself (accept my hurricane of emotions)
  • Get a film camer and take photos
  • Write more (atleat 2 posts per week)
  • Sew felt bag

So thats all for this post, I hope better days are awaiting us.



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