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{untitled thoughts} 001

I hate following rules, do what I’m told to. I hate it when people expect me to do what’s supposed to be done. I hate how I get so stressed and intoxicated from work and its environment, and over that I’m expected to go because that’s what I’m supposed to do. I hate how I should be doing what everyone is doing because that how things should be like. I hate how the society looks differently on people who are different. I hate how people’s value has become the same, they think the same, wear the same and do the same. How even my preferences shouldn’t be the way they are because that isn’t the way a “grown up” woman should be like. I hate how we are locked in cages that we own their keys. I hate how I can’t act the way I want to because that’s not “accepted” in their own values.

We are all different. We have different characters, different personalities, different values. we all have different goals, different dreams. Everyone has their own life.


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