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May Books

In the month of May my reading habits have changed a little bit. I’m used to read 3-5 books each month, however this month for some reason I cannot recall, I only read two books, one which was around 300 pages and the other one was almost 200 pages.

I’ve noticed in the past months that I took reading as a task that I should fulfill, not as something I should take my time to enjoy. So I have decided to take my time more in June and to read whenever I want and as slow as I  can enjoy the book .

So the books that I have read in May are:

  1. The Sand fish: A story from Dubai- by Maha Gargash

This novel is about a girl who has lost her parents and lives with her younger brothers in a very distant place, away from people. However, reaching the marriage age she had to leave to the unknown. This book is about her struggle, leaving her home, the place that hold her memories of her parents and getting married to an older man who is said to bring her wealth and security.

I have mixed feelings about this book. It started really really well, however the story took a strong turn in the last part that shocked me, and turns out I changed my whole view on this book.

Summary on Good read

2. What I talk about when I talk about running – By Harumi Murakami 

Murakami is one of my favorite authors, he really has a unique way of writing . However this book gives you look into his life, which I really enjoyed reading, I felt like im getting to know his better as a person. This book is basically a diary he kept about him running marathons,  and not only that, he talks about his journey as a writer, how he started, some of the problems he faced and how running is a very important thing to him, not just as a sport.

I recommend this book to read at ease, absorbing the words, the lessons learned and enjoy learning about Murakami (if you like his books you will sort of relate how the main characters in his books have so many similar character trait as him.)

Summary on Good read

I hope you discovered a new book this month. If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comment box, I would love to discover new ones.

Thank you for reading.

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