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{untitled thoughts } 002

Ramdan has started, a month I wait for every year, there’s something in its air. Maybe it’s because its calm, quite, or maybe it’s because of  when the whole family gather together for the meal. Or maybe because of how food becomes a center for gathering people, their smiles and hearts.

Its the fourth day today, so far fasting has been fine so far. I do feel tired when I return from work and have headache ( which is due to dehydration I believe).

So far nothing much has been happening around, I use to feel sad ever since I came from Barcelona, however I’m good now (actually I feel more emotionally stable and calm)

These days I’m reading a book my friend has recommended it to me which is “The girl in the train”, and Im enjoying it so far. And I have also stumbled upon a book called “into the Wild” which I’m planning to read after I finish my current book.

Ever since I’ve come from my trip, work hasn’t been the best (will it never been), things never get done, I’m ignored by my manager, I simply feel like I’m wasting my time waking up and coming. Sadly I haven’t received any call from the other places I applied my CV in. I really hope something happen soon *cries*

I’ve also been looking for a hobby. Its been ages since I found myself interested in something that I have lost track of time (apart from reading i guess), but i really do miss that. I use to like hand crafts, especially clay miniatures, however I don’t find myself interested in that anymore.


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