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Accepting yourself

Accepting how we look, how we talk, how we choose our clothes, our food. Accepting all these and more is the first step we take to have inner peace with ourselves.

Stop wishing to be like that person, to have their style, their eating habits, their look and personality. we are different to appreciate our difference, to shine for who we are. Each and every person is different in their own way.

When I was entering teenage , I hated how thick my eyebrows were, how curly my hair looked, the moles on my face, how tall I was, how big I was. I was insecure by all means.I hated to dress like all the girls because it wouldn’t be nice on me as it is on them.  I also had my share part of bullying while growing up, which till now, when I see some girls I was in school, I feel uncomfortable, not wanting to meet them.  I didn’t received any guidance from my parents or grownups to help me, I didn’t open up. But I’m healing myself, I’m growing out from all the insecurity I felt when I was younger, I’m on the journey.

As I’m growing, I’m appreciating the skin I am in. Right now I love how my eyebrows look, my curly hair,because it makes me who I am, it gives me my character. I appreciate how I look, because that’s who I am, that’s the body and character god gave me, and Its my job to take care of it.

We all should appreciate who we are, and stop wishing to be like someone else, stop beating ourselves because we are not as good as someone else, because we are slow in achieving our goals, because all of the negative reasons we give ourselves.

everyone has their own pace in growing in life. And I know myself, I know that’s I am slow, and I acknowledge that, as for I will take my time and learn from life as much as I can.

everyone has their own story, don’t make yours a duplicate.

dear self.


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