Picture post


In this post I will be sharing some positivity. One reason Im making this collection of positive pictures , is that Im very much in need to remind myself to look at the brighter side of life, by which I’ve noticed lately that I quickly become  filled with negative thoughts as soon as im under stress . So I hope you enjoy this post (pictures are from tumblr )✨

It’s ok to have a breakdown. It’s ok to let the tears fall. It’s ok to act like a child and throw a tantrum. It’s ok if you’re not feeling 100%. It’s ok to BE HUMAN. We judge our bad days so much that we actually miss the growth opportunities they provide.

Will you allow your sadness, anger, frustration or fear to teach you something? To show you unloved places inside yourself?

As humans we feel something uncomfortable and our reaction is to block it out, push it away, get rid of it. So we numb out with work, alcohol, drugs, etc. But what if we faced what we were feeling with open eyes?

What if we made the growth process easier by not running? By not judging our bad days, weeks or even months?

How have you judged your experiences lately? How can you bring more love into your space? Would you be willing to let go and love? Love the good and the bad? How bad do you want to grow and become the greatest version of you? It will take getting uncomfortable. It will take facing some deep dark places within yourself. It will take you returning to love.

It’s your life, MAKE IT EPIC!

-Jhon LeBaron


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