untitled thoughts

{untitled thoughts} 004


Have you ever thought, ” how will my life be if I wasn’t born into this family, if I did not live in this country, if I didn’t have what I have, If I wasn’t who I am”.

when my life snaps out, as it does in most of the days, little creatures start sweeping into my head, whispering spells into my ear, start a fire in my heart. My soul start to eats itself, it start absorbing what ever its surrounding gives out. my soul crave and hand picks the most corrupted thoughts, whatever decays it faster.

It really hurts me how much little I can control it whenever I enter this phase of negativity, I try to shut myself, hoping not to hurt anyone, but in the end I hurt myself the most. The little creatures are a part of me, a part I want to kill, to banish.

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