looking back

Looking back – June

I cant believe its the 30th. June was a quick month, Ramadan came and honestly with my irregular sleeping pattern I feel I didn’t do much. But I did watch loads of films this month, especially during the weekends since I was too occupied during the week baking sweets and cakes with mum, which was fun. which takes me to my next point,  Im thinking of sharing some of the recipes I enjoyed in July, and I will start planning out my posts since I will have one week vacation *happy tears*.

Also a thing worth mentioning, on the first of June I went with my friend on a really chill outing, where we tried out a yumy Mexican restaurant and then went to the bookshop, where we sat there looking at book on ease and ending our day with a coffee and cake (the lady at the cafe was so sweet, she bought us a candle for our table when I requested her, ah! it was such a lovely day to remember ) … I think that was the most eventful day in June to be honest.

Also this month I have read a really exciting book, “the Girl on the train” which was recommended to me by my friend. I have read that one and I’m currently reading “Me before you” which I’m also loving so far. I will talk about them more in my June books post.

so here are the films  I watched in June:

  • Leaving on my 15th spring
  • A tale of Samurai cooking
  • Biri Gyaru
  • Silver spoon
  • Like father Like son
  • With Mugiko
  • Momo’s letter
  • Tokyo godfather
  • Cart
  • Elegant lies

This month films selection was mix of animation, Korean and Japanese, and I’m planning to watch more Korean films since I really enjoyed watching “cart” and “elegant lies” which were both human drama sort of genre.

so during the month of May and June I have come across some lovely products which I’ve been loving . They’re skin care products and of course candles, something I’ve been obsessed with lately, so here are the lovelies:

L’Occitane Peony Tinted Lip Balm in Rose Nude

**About the Daily moisturizer and Facial wash: I’ve been having a  long history of oily face, and to be honest this moisturizer is best so far! I really love how light it is and it reduce and control the oil really well, so if you have a problem with oily face I recommend trying their small sample set to experimenting it, plus their products are natural so that’s even better . Their products are a bit pricey but to me it was worth it.

In my “looking back- May” post I have listed some goals I wanted to achieve in June, and…well I forgot about them. Hopefully during July I will be more productive in experiencing new things and just going out there and doing it (rather than watching too many film *hides*

So that’s all for this post, I hope you discovered new films and products to check out, thank you for reading and have a lovely day.

I hope July brings more adventure, peace and happiness to us all.

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