book review

June Books

During the month of June I have read 2 books, one which Im still reading – half way through it. I haven’t really planned out the books I wanted to read in June, so I trusted my friend recommendation and the “best seller” section, which I dont usually trust. The books were “The girl On the train” and “Me before you”

  • The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins

The title of the book was eye catching,so when I turned back and read it was about a girl who always looked at a certain house when she was on the train, where she felt she was close to the people who lived there, made up names and imagined their lives and personality. However, little she knew that one day she will start to get closer to them and know that their is a story behind them, something she wouldn’t imagine.

I loved the book, it was thrilling and made me live with its characters. It made me remember one summer 3 years ago when I was into thriller books that I read all Hannibal series.

If your looking for a thriller book, I recommend this one.

  • Me before you by Jojo Moyes

I picked this book for one reason, it said on the cover ” International phenomenon”.. And I wanted to know why was it and if its worth all the hype. And let me say , its worth it! Im almost done with the book but I can say I love it! I could relate to the Lou (the main character) of how she was getting with her life (her character was relate-able).

So here’s the story, its about Lou, a 27 years old girl who lives all her life in this small town, and carried out a simple life, but it all started to change when she has lost her job at the cafe, by which she ended up being a carer for Will, a 35 years old man with was paralyzed due to a motor cycle accident. It tell about their relationship, how both of them changed the life of the other. Its a really heart warming story which I really enjoyed reading (its worth the hype)

I hope you discovered a new book to read this month, and tell me what you think about them if You did.

Have a lovely day


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