untitled thoughts

{untitled thoughts} 005

I started to believe, that some of the things we wish for aren’t meant for us. People would tell me “you’re just giving up”, ” you keep on believing”. But, let’s be honest, doesn’t feel sometimes like this “maybe, it’s not meant for me to have this”. I believe that.

Maybe my happiness is somewhere else, accomplishing something I still don’t know what it is yet. I started to believe that life, is not simple and straightforward. I like to think about it as driving a car, you tell yourself as soon as you turn the car “ok, my goal today is to go to point B -which lets say it’s your dream or something you want to accomplish-, but while driving along something might happen to you, good or bad, you might also need to change you route, making it longer to reach there or you might also find something else, meet people who would change you perspective in life, make you want to change you destination to Point T.

This is how I come to see life as. To see my situation like. As much as sometimes I would regret the choices I did earlier and say “It all began by that wrong choice”, now I want to believe that maybe at that point, I started to take a different route, and there is something else I am meant to accomplish.


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