Picture post

Photo Diary 001

Henna♥Sunset on the first day♥Chocolate milkshake

July 6: its was the first day of Eid. very hectic with preparing food early in the morning, to getting ready from hair and dressing up to visiting my relatives. We still take the same routine of visiting relatives, and seeing them in the same order ever since I was a child. It sort of bring nice memories. Also, I’m happy to know I’m still consider within the “little ones” who get Eediya (pocket money).

Bakery ♥Green tea with lemon and mint


Somewhere in the busy city♥overly sweetened frozen juice

July 8: It was a very slow pace day. Went to the bakery early in the morning to get fresh baked goods for the whole family. The place was empty and the places smelled so good with fresh bread and butter. They had a lovely instrumental song at the bakery, which reminded me of an old film I watched in the beginning of the year (father and daughter -2015). I spent the day sewing embroidery and reading, which felt good.  And later went out to dinner with my family.

Looking down♥not-so-tasty tacos

July 9: Last day of the weekend/Eid holiday. I can say I spent it wisely -not really- I marathoned half of “Legend of Koora”, which is something I’m so into lately, reading,  going out to watch “Finding Dory” with my siblings and catching a dinner with my university friends. It was well spent.

So, this is something new, writing and remembering what  I did isn’t easy for me since for one reason: I don’t do much everyday. However I took the challenge of taking some photos every day and writing a little of what I can remember. I’m defiantly thinking of making more of these post since I like taking and editing picture.

Take care ♥


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