Picture post

Photo diary 002

Dinner♥Mug♥My friends art

July 10: Visited my friend, and went shopping for dinner with her, it felt so nice, buying food together, and deciding what to have for dinner. And watched Korean Variety show

Frozen mango drink♥Furniture store♥evening sky

July 13:Attended an advanced Yoga class in the afternoon, which made me so embarrassed Since I only did yoga twice in my life. Went furniture shopping alone, which was quick -since every inch in my body was in pain.

Craft supplies♥doodle♥evening sky♥first embroidery

July14: Visited the craft store and bought many supplies which, kind of killed my wallet (expensive supplies ToT). Got candle making supply, which I’m really excited to work with and sewing supplies.

Breakfast♥mom’s coffee♥second embroidery project♥ice milk chocolate

July 16: Went out for family breakfast and had the delicious Avocado and hummus open sandwich and cold chai latte. and sort of spent the whole day sewing at grandfathers house.



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