Sharing a recipe – breakfast sandwiches 

Hello everyone,

In this post I will be sharing with you some sandwiche ideas for something healthy and filling. Since I wake up pretty early for work (5:40~ish) I dont feel like eating ,so I prefer making breakfast and eat it at work. So here are 3 sandwiches Ideas. Enjoy:

Peanut butter and honey: I’ve been having it for 3 months straight- everyday (until I shifted for avocados). I love having crunchy-unsweetened peanut butter and sweeten it with honey👌🏼

Avocados and Labnah: this is another favorite sandwich I love having for breakfast. Sometime this year I fell in love with avocados and combined it with Labnah (cream cheese work well too) and a touch of salt, I once added some fresh basil leave, and that was ah-mazing😩💕👌🏼

Labneh and Zaher with Olive oil: this is an old time favorite sandwich, I remember having it everyday when I was in university. I must say, this is sandwich it addicting, I usually make two in arabic bread👌🏼

So thats all for this post, I hope I gave you some Ideas for healthy sandwich fillings, if you enjoy any tell me which!

Have a good day👋🏼

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