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Photo diary 003

Sometimes, I have days when I’m overwhelmed by the feeling of guilt. Even though I shouldn’t be feeling it. I feel guilty for causing someone pain, even though they have caused me more.

I always try my best to act in the best way I can, to control my emotions, my anger. But, we are all humans in the end, emotions will blast out when they are bottled up.

This week went well, I went swimming for 6 days, and discovered couple of books. However, We don’t expect our days to be perfect, things sort of went down drastically on Thursday.

tote bag embroidery – pasta and tea

July 16: Spend the whole morning sewing the embroidery on my tote bag, later I went to the swimming pool, and somehow had the energy to make dinner, which turned so good (will share the recipe).

Hayashi rice – curry rice – okonomiyaki – interior

July 18: Left work early on this day to visit the Bank, luckily I finished quickly. Went to eat lunch with my sister at a Japanese restaurant, even though I wanted to get something cold since it was 42 degrees outside (blazing hot) I couldn’t resist not getting curry and okonomiyaki (not the best choice for a hot day). Later I spent the late afternoon at the pool.

Breakfast in a jar – going home – twin towers

July 21: Made Acai jar for breakfast, hmm it wasn’t the best, I’m thinking adjusting the recipe (it had too much acai). I had a sort of stressful day at work, I tried to cheer myself up after work by going to the book store to get two books I’ve been eyeing to get. However, things didnt go well that day, and I had a hard time cooping with it.

Breakfast at Starbucks

caffeine boost – beautiful interior – cake

July22: I woke feeling terrible, I didnt sleep well, I kept waking up every now and then remembering the terrible dreams and sobbing.  I though of fasting, as a way to return balance, however for the 3 hours after I woke I felt even worse. I broke my fast, woke up my youngest sibling for going out for a breakfast, and thank god, I feel alot better. Listening to children, really eased my mood. I’m greatful for that. I also started reading a new book called “Light between oceans” which I really love so far. I got together with my friend in the afternoon for cake and coffee, finally visited a coffee shop I’ve been wanting to visit.


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