looking back

Looking back – July

I don’t know how to start this post, I feel, for the past couple of “looking back” posts Ive started with similar openings. During the month of July, we finished Ramadan (i still cant believe its been in July, it feels so far away), celebrated Eid, got henna (which I’ve been wanting to have) and I started going to the swimming pool every day, which is something I really love doing.

During the month of July I discovered books which I really (from the pit of my heart) enjoyed. I read two complete books (400~ish pages) and continued one from late month and just started one couple of days ago!

I’ve also started doing embroidery and got a fountain pen for the first time, and immediately  fell in love with writing! It sort of gave me a boost to write more on papers rather than using the blog (I’m planning to type the posts I wrote on paper in the blog soon insha’allah)

Also, detoxed myself from social media accounts, which I found myself spending too much time. And honestly (even though I feel like i need to check tumblr or insta), I feel grateful I took that step, because when I think of how much I was gaining out of the time spent there, it wasn’t  much. So cutting myself from all the social media made me focus more on my life. for example at work, when I have free time I open an e book and read, or maybe looking for a recipe online, or just going back to work. At home, I spend my time reading or going to the pool, or watching a movie with my sibling.

During the month of July, I watched only 4 (I re watched one )movies (cries) sadly I couldnt find interesting ones (please recommend if you know any nice movies)

  • Daddy long legs
  • Tokyo Sonata
  • The lunch box ( re watched it -highly recommend)
  • Sunny (2011)

The only thing I bough this month which Im so excited to use are LUSH bath bombs, Sadly I dont have a bath tub, but next month we are going for a short summer vacation, and I bought some to pamper myself.

So that’s all for this post, thank you for reading.

have a good day.



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