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July books

During the month of July, as I have mentioned in my previous post, I have read two complete novels, and two others which I have either continued reading from June and started reading at the end of the month. Here are my impressions regarding my July reads:


  1. Me before you- Jojo Moyes

I haven’t read love story in so long, I quite enjoyed reading the book, the story was nice. Its a about a girl who had lost her job and had to look for another job to support her family. so she took a job to be a carer of a paralyzed man, who she fell in love with. I really enjoyed how Lou, with still being herself, could become closer to Will, how their relationship has developed throughout the story. I quite enjoyed the parts where both of them were telling the other about their pasts, and how that made them closer. Even though the ending did not make everyone happy, I accepted it, I mean you dont always expect to have happily ever endings. I’m looking forward to obtain the DVD and maybe I’ll be writing a review.


2. The girl in the red coat – Kate Hamer

I wasnt planning to read any thriller books, but, It was all over the place, so I had to see why. I actually enjoyed this book, but not till the end. So this book is about Carmel, who gets separated from her mother one day when she was 8 and apparently she got kidnapped, without her realizing it, how is it that possible? grab the book and read it. I felt (my personal opinion) that the book, the last couple of chapters was extending, when It could have been ended. But, I liked the book and I hope it gets a movie, because if it did, it would be great. If you like thriller books, give it a try.


3. The Light between Oceans – M.L. Stedman

alright, this book is so close to my heart, I think Its one of the Best books I read this year. Ah, where to start. So the story is about Tom, who gets a posting to be a lighthouse keeper, and who also has a lovely wife, Isabel, who unfortunately fails to bare children. One day they find a boat at the shore with a dead man and a baby girl. So the story takes out from there, their lives taking care of an unknown girl who they make their own. One of the many things I enjoyed about the book is a language, the details of the place, the setting, and the characters. I loved the story so much, it was an emotional experience to read about this couple’s life, how it was and where it went it. I highly recommend this book. Its also coming as a movie soon this year which I’m planning to watch.


4. All the Light we cannot see- Anthony Doerr

I’ve only read  the first 100 pages during July. And I really enjoy it so far. It has a very lovely language and the details are unbelievable, it makes everything very visual that I sometimes need to read it couple of times, look for the meaning of the words to get the whole picture. I will be writing about the review in “August books” post, but so far, its pretty promising.

So that’s all for July books, I hope you discovered new books, and If you have read any of the above tell me what you thought of them.

Have a good day.



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