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Walking in the dark

When a person walks into a dark place, they generally think that they wont be able to maneuver in the darkness, that the darkness might swallow them, stripping all the light they hold into.As they step into the darkness, these thoughts start to consume them to the point of turning them into blind people.

However, little they know that when one walks into a dark place, that by accepting the darkness, and engulfing oneself into it, the eyes start to accustom itself to the new surrounding.

The act of acceptance gives us new perspective, it help us maneuver into the new surrounding, giving us strength and the will to keep going.

It is the same when things in life doesn’t turn the way we want, it pushes us into a dark abyss, into a place, that the instance we are into it we give up and we blind ourselves. However, if we accept the state we are in, and understand the situation, and most importantly, believe that we can get out of it, we will succeed.

I believe that one of the most important things that can help us get through hard times in life is to accept it, and not reject the fact that, for example we didn’t get the job we dream of, the support we wish we had, the talent and strength in us, it will help us understand ourselves better, know where we stand in life.

Therefore, no matter where you stand in life, dont reject the things that happen to you, good or bad, accept yourself, your life so far, your past, and know that you cant change your past no matter what you did in it, with its wise and crazy decision, and know that what you can do now is change your present moment, no matter how little steps you can take.


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