Night sky

She sits with her family at a table in the fancy resturant her father planned on taking his family for the summer. The resturant is located on the cliff of the mountain, looking at the ocean. The night was perfect, calm wilds and clear sky. It was perfectly clear she could see so many stars, she hasnt seen all her life. Each table had a huge candle which was the only source of light. The tables were occupied with either couples or small families. Her family wasnt small, and it wasnt average either.
As the family was busy looking through the menu, she couldnt take her eyes from the magnificent sky, she eyes were fixed on one portion of the sky, that she felt she needed to look hard and register the view in her memory, as if the sky might disapper in a blink.

“Stop looking at the sky as if its your first time, and get on with your order” they said. She was too occupied that she assumed that this resturant will surely have a basic dish such as tomato soup.


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