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Jabal Akhdar summer trip

This summer my family and I went on a short trip to Jabal Akhdar which name translate to The Green Mountain located in Oman, around around 150 km from Muscat, the capital of Oman. Our trip took around 6 hours by car, and stayed there for 5 nights. The weather there was amazing, the temperature was around 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.

The hotel we stayed in was on top of the mountain, and around it were some scattered homes, and that was it. During the trip I filled my time with reading two books, occasionally swim at the pool, and set out to discover the mountain in late afternoons. One of the things I loved in the mountain is how the night sky was extremely clear, it was my first time to see a night sky full of bright stars. This inspired me to write Night Sky post.

the small house we stayed in & a tree I forgot its name

Pomegranate trees that surrounded the place

water, sky, mountain

The wilderness

Rain before heading back home

Experiencing my favorite weather in the car

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day



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