Thoughts about life

This year so far

Eight months has passed. I still feel weird. I can clearly remember the beginning of January. I can remember the first class of Physic 75 fitness studio I took on the first Thursday in January. I remember the book I read at the end of December 2015 “The happiness project”, it was the first self-help book I read.

So far, this year I started doing something new, well actually, its something I have always started but failed to keep on going with it. Which is keeping this blog alive, and writing whatever sparks light in my mind. Reading my writings really made me see the person I am, the person I’m being. Through writing this blog, I learn about myself, little by little. Now, I can see that I enjoy spending my time reading, looking into fictional characters life, their journey in life, and how they grow.

This year I’ve been anxious, I’ve been feeling lost more than ever, not knowing where I’m heading with my life and not knowing what I want to do with my life, its stressful.

However, I grew to learn that self discovery is a long journey, and I’m still teaching myself to be patient with my life, and not to rush it. I try to look for answers through books, through peoples journeys in life, hoping to find a signal, but is it the right way? I dont know, I guess I need to have patient and see where it takes me.

Through this year I’ve seen many people I know, family, close friends and school/university friends change, taking a further step in life. Some of them got married, some became mothers, some went after their dream careers, and some are lost, like me.

It was interesting and bit astonishing see these changes first hand, and came to know that everyone has their own pace of growth in life, and there isn’t a right way to grow, to advance in life. Everyone should take their time in growing, weather it is in marriage, career or anything else, one should take their time, and take a step when they are ready, not when their family or friends pressure them, because in the end its your life, not theirs.

I wish you happiness, success and joy in life , and no matter where you are standing in life, know that sunshine will come no matter how dark it is.


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