Thoughts about life

The bottle 

I hate how obedient I am

I hate how careful I can be

I hate how pleasing sometimes I want to be

I hate how I cant say what I want

I hate how I can bottle my emotions

I hate how it always suffocates me

How its killing me

And for who?

For people who dont even care about me

Im such a fool

I’ld rather stay at home

Cooped in the place I own

Surround myself with things I love

Things that brings my sprite



And good food

But how little I can do

When people who are close to me

Cannot understand me

Or, is it they dont want to understand me

Im labeled as hard minded


Someone who lives and dreams and fantasy

Shall I cry myself to sleep every night

Please people

Do what’s “Im supposed to do”

Or live like im supposed to live?

Live like every minute count

Ill play with them

I shall play my role as they wish

I shall be the obedient daughter

Because I believe a bottle can hold only what it can take

And one day

It shall blast

Hurting you with its glass

And let my sprite fly

High above the sky




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