looking back

Looking Back- August

August is finally over! Its been such a long month. During this month I went on a short summer vacation to the “Green Mountain” in Oman, I’ve also wrote a post about it. I have also went back to my herbal study (which I ignored for 2 months -I think-) and happily finished 2 unites during this month, which makes me left from two more. Another thing related to my study is I signed up for a membership in Herbarium, which can be descried as a big data base for herbal studies. Its really organized and contain many helpful information.

During August, I have received my package from Truly Organic, which an online store that sells body care products that are all organic. I really love the shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion i got. They smell amazing and since I have a dry hair, so far it started to make my hair softer. The products are not very expensive( a package of 4 products for   $38.95), which for “organic” products is good!

Here are miscellaneous things I got/enjoyed in August:

  • Herbal “sunny tea” I received as a gift from Germany (dried fruits, orange peel and green rooibos tea)
  • Visited the local “Organic shop”, and happily spent so much of teas
  • Started creating Materia Medica (which can be simply put as creating an encyclopedia of materials which may be used to prepare herbal medicines)
  • This months book selection (I read 6 books, which I have didnt planned for.

During this month, I have watched 4 movies:

  • Long, long time ago – Singaporean movie.
  • Always – Korean movie
  • A portrait of a poet – Korean movie
  • The Rise of the Guardians


Thats all for this post, Thank you for reading

Have a lovely day


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