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August books

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Since the beginning of this year, I think I have found the most interesting books in August (including the light between ocean, which I cannot get over with since last month). August felt so long, I think one reason is because I read so many interesting books.

In the month of August I noticed myself going toward books that are about people who went through wars, specifically WWII (excluding The light of Paris, Thousand Splendid suns and the Kite Runner) the reason? no idea, but I really enjoyed finishing one after the other, I really couldnt stop reading this month which really made me happy. So lets start.

All the Light We Cannot See   by Anthony Doerr

The story of this book revolves around two character, which the books takes you between them. one chapter will be following a German orphan, Werner, and the other is following the life of a french blind girl, Marie-Laure. I loved the flow of the story, it excited me how little by little, through the story they met, and how it changed the flow of their life. The writing style is so beautiful! I reminded me of light between ocean, and how the writer describes the setting without making you bored! 

The Light of Paris –  By Eleanor Brown

The story of this book follows Madeleine, who throughout her life, shes been trapped by family’s expectations, which no matter how hard she tried to please her mother or husband nothing work for her. However, it all changed when one day she finds an old diary of her grandma, she has written in her 20’s, when she was in a similar situation, unable to please her family, she is given a chance to go to Paris, a place she always dreamed about, to live a life she always wanted to.I loved this book so much (finished it in two days!) I could relate to Madeleine, how she is trapped by her family expectation, to be a good daughter, a wife and to hold a social class like her mother.

Between Shades of Gray  & Salt to the Sea – By Ruta Sepetys

These are two books by the same Author Ruta Sepetys, which takes a story of teenagers through World War II. “Between Shades of Gray” tells a story about Lina a fifteen-year-old Lithuanian girl and her family. How their life was peaceful until one day when the Soviets  break into their home, stealing away her life and family. In the story, Lina mentioned her cousin, Joana, who is one of the 4 teenager “Salt to the Sea“. The story of Salt to the sea revolves around 4 teenagers, from different countries in Europe during the war. each chapter takes you into one of their lives, your learn about their past life, their feelings and fears. The story follows how all of them reached to Wilhelm Gustloff, a ship that promised them safety and freedom, which wasn’t guaranteed.

Although the two books were heartbreaking, I felt so close to them, how they survived these days, even though they were kids. each one of them found a way to grasp life with. I felt so touched by the story, and I encourage you to read at least one of them.

A Thousand Splendid Suns– Khaled Hosseini

This is a book I was told to read for the longest time I can remember, by one of my friends, and I finally did, and I dont know what took me so long to read because it was simply beautiful. The story of this book talks about two woman’s who were born generation apart. Each one lived a different life, and had different ideas about love and family. But due to the unstable circumstances in Kabul, they had to form a bond that would protect them and help them move on in life.

Its so hard to write my thoughts about this book without being too careful not to expose  spoilers, so I sort of gave a very vague summary of the book, because one of the things that I really loved about this book is the turns this book takes! I just couldn’t guess how the story will go. But I really love this book. the story is very touching and heartbreaking. I recommended it if you enjoy reading stories about people’s life, and specifically how it takes you into the  Afghanistan culture, which is pretty similar to the Arab.

 The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini

this is another book by Khaled Hosseini. It tells a story of two young boys, who grew up together, lived together, but each one was from a different social class. Amir ( the one from higher class) spends all of his time with Hassan (the servant boy), however one day Hassan was bullied, and Amir stood and didnt stand up for him, which left him guilty for that. 15+ years later, Amir is given the chance to fix his action and “be good again”. The story tells about a friendship bond between two boys, that after so many years of being separated,it brings them together. it definitely have so many similarities with “Thousand Splendid Suns” however this one deals from a Male perspective, and the other from Female.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Have a good day

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