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We often are consumed with what we want, weather its a better job, a more understanding parents, or even more money. In that state of being consumed with what we want, we forget what we have. As little as they can be, from having meals to eat everyday, having family around you, having a job (even though you might not enjoy it), to the things we dont usually notice, peace. What happen to us is that we “Think” that having that more “Thing” will make us more happier, successful and confident, but in the end, it give us this short-term pleasure, and after a couple of hours, days or even months we are out again, looking for a new thing we “feel” that we need.I am personally guilty. I sometimes get the urge of getting this bag or this ring which will make me look more fashionable, but I soon notice that I regret getting it, that I dont need it.

I started practicing “holding and questioning myself” whenever I feel like getting a new thing “I feel I need”, and turns out, I dont.

Appreciating the little things in life makes us confident and happy with whatever we have. I personally find myself hating my job for time to time, but try to practice appreciation, looking at the bright side of having a job, which can be, learning new concepts everyday, getting paid each month, having my own savings, and etc, make it bearable. And in the end, I tell myself “no matter how much I dont like my job, who knows where will it take me.”
In the end, appreciating the things we have in life, whatever we have in life is really important. sit down, and write the things you are grateful for, you will be surprised.



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