Through her window 

She gaze though her window

To the world she have been locked away from years, years ago

She looks thought the night

Through the stillness

That makes people lock themselves in these four walls they call home

Home, which she only finds when she gaze through her window

Through the night

She looks at the little flickering lights

Lights that makes people warm and safe

She prays every night

When the stillness descends on all humans

To be granted her wish

To be free to run through the forest

Sweep her bare feet on dirt, grass, water and flowers

Climb the tress, gather earth goodness , and just be free

Through her window

She imagines the lives of the people in the town

Where the wind carries their smell and laughter to her every morning

Where she draws their lives on the walls surrounding her

She befriends the birds

Asking them to help her set free

But what birds are capable of but tweet their songs to her

She presses her hands together

Hoping for her wish to be granted

Hoping for a night to come where she wont wish again

Through her window

She looks at the moon

Whispers, hesitantly

“Dreams do come true”


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