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Discovering the nearby city

It was Saturday, and she had to do something to prepare herself for a new week. She planned an outing with her friend, to go and discover the nearby city. And outing with not much to see. She thought of going there and discover the area with an eye of a foreigner.

She packed her handbag, and picked her friend. They drove to the shop they intended to visit. However, she lost her way. “Stop the car” her friend said. “Lets walk around this area and take pictures”. She stopped the car and walked around the place. She felt trilled. Somehow, she never gathered the courage to walk around in an unknown area. She didn’t feel safe to do that. The sun was still strong, but the frequent breeze made it bearable. The walls looked old, as if it carried out many lives before becoming an art center.

She couldn’t stop taking pictures and looking at the beautiful landscape. How many places has she missed going just because she was too afraid to venture out? It really struck her.

They left that area and walked into a nearby cafe. They ordered cakes and drinks. The place was deserted and quite, a perfect place to spend the late Saturday afternoon in. They spoke few words about their impression of the place, food and work. It seems that work is a topic that always need to be touched whenever they meet. They sipped their drinks and ate their cakes and soon got up to leave the place.



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