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Self Care

This topic is a very important topic to myself. Although I am not the best person to speak about it, I thought about sharing with you my thoughts about self-care.

From the background I come from, self-care is seen as if the person who practice it is someone who has “too much time on their hands”. I literally get that sometimes. And I believe that’s a wrong way to look at it. Self-care is such an important thing that everyone should consider. Self-care can be seen as giving thought to what you think, listening to your needs and wants (in a moderate not selfishness way), and simply taking care of yourself. I think one reason people don’t consider self-care is because they don’t want to be seen as selfish people, or they don’t have time, or maybe they prefer taking their time caring about others.

I strongly believe that self-care give us a strong boost in our confidence and happiness. Even though I consider myself as a newbie in this field I thought about sharing some tips I take to ensure self-care:

  • Listening to my inner self, and avoid bottling my emotions and being true to how I feel.
  • Giving myself time to be alone to recharge and relax. I tend to do that especially after work when I feel I’m burned out. I usually take a cold shower and site for an hour to read, draw or just relax.
  • Investing on a good quality candles. If enjoy candles, I recommend checking P.F. Candle co. which sell amazing candles! So far this is my favorite brand of candles (my favorite is “Love potion”).
  • Create your own body scrubs. I recently created two body scrubs which I enjoyed using, Coffee and sugar scrub I use for the body and an Oatmeal, sugar and coconut scrub for the face!
  • Giving yourself some time to relax before bed time. I find this time very important to me. I enjoy burning some candle, preparing herbal tea and reading at least 30 minutes before bed and avoiding any electronics. It’s a good way to relax and having a good night sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a good day.

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