book review

September books

During September, surprisingly, I have only completed  one book. Well, I have read 3 more only half way, and then lost interest in the story. However, I really did enjoy the book I have completed last month, even though it was a sad one. So I hope you enjoy this months book review.

Everything I never told you – by Celeste Ng

This book is about the Lee family, a family of a Chinese father and an American mother , and their three children, Nath, the eldest son, Lydia, the Middle, favorite child and Hannah, the youngest, who is also the forgotten child.

The book starts with the death of Lydia, and follows the story of reveling the family’s secrets and its history.

The book takes you back to Marilyn’s (the mother) and James (the father) childhood, how they never achieved their dreams, never fitted in with everyone, which lead them to making Lydia have what they wish for, what they dreamed for.

The book was very interesting and sad in its core. It tells how the Lee family started going down hill ever since the death of Lydia, how somehow, she held the family together. Being her parents favorite, she did what they wished for themselves, and achieved their expectations, but its always predictable that an end of such thing has to come someday.

The story looks into each member of the family, at their feelings toward her death, at their relationship with Lydia, which shows that no one really knew her well.

Its such a sad thing that sometimes siblings dont know each other well. It really made me question my relationship with my siblings, and how its very important.


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