Thoughts about life

What are your plans?

Every day , I’m bombarded with this question “what are you planning to do”. And I usually say the same answer over and over again, “I don’t know”.
“Thats a waste, you’re still young, go finish your master degree”

“Do something about your life,don’t settle with this job”

“You have a lot of time, take care of yourself ”

“Why do you stress! Your still a kid! You dont have a husband and kids to take care of”

“You need to have a clear idea about your life, where you want to go what you want to achieve! Dont just jump from one job to another without a plan”

And I get so many more things. I had a phone call recently with a recruiting HR personal, where I called to ask about my CV, they told me that they didn’t have the job I was asking about, and plus I was asking them any thing specific. Then I was asked “May you please specify, what so you want? What are looking for, so was can help you?” And I said “anything”

The problem is that I dont know what I’m looking for, and that really frustrates me, making it so hard for me to go out everyday to work.

Where should I start? Where should I go to look for it? For that thing they call “Passion”?


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