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I find it astonishing how sleeping affect us. Specifically sleeping during the day. Some people consider it something they should do everyday after they come from their work or school, to feel refreshed. But to me, its more than that. Sleeping during the day is a medicine to me. Its a way i restart my mood and wellbeing with. With sleeping in the day, it literally makes me turn another page, as if my body is telling my mind and soul “dont worry, it may have been a bad day, but you did well. Your thrived, and now its time to rest, time to restart again and give your body some rest”.
So whenever you have a bad day, stop for a moment, think again about you body and soul, give it the time to reset and restart, even if it meant cancelling a meeting or gathering. Because when you over work your body, it will collapse some day.
Take care, you’ve got only one health,one soul.


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