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The brighter side 

Its been a while since I’ve written out my thoughts. In the past couple of weeks, my mood was swinging so badly that led me to have many pimples of my cheeks, which is annoying.

I wasn’t feeling happy about my job at all. I had so many negative thoughts about it, and some people made it worse . I couldnt think straight. I use to have bad thoughts the minutes I wake up. But somehow, I suddenly started to feel at peace. In the sense of being “fine” with my job, how its totally not the thing I “thought” I want to do. I started to make myself appreciate the people around me at work, to look at their “good” traits, and ignoring the “annoying” ones. I thought that, if I want to enjoy my day, no matter what I do as a profession, I need to look at the brighter side of the people, the work I do and the place I’m surrounded with. It never been easy for me to look at the brighter side. It never was. Since I get easily consumed by negative thoughts.

I know that everyone, at some point of their life would realize that finding “the true calling” or the thing they  love is not an easy thing. This would led to depression, feeling unmotivated, and losing hope. I went through all.

But right now, I will accept what I have on my plate. The person I have become, the life I’m leading, the job I have, and the hobbies I enjoy. I will accept and appreciate everything that happened so far. I acknowledge that so many of the things I wished for didn’t happen till now. Because I believe that “now” is not that right time. I don’t know, and so do you. God does. Its not giving up, its having faith and believing that what God is giving you now is the right thing for you. Even if its suffering, good will come. It will always come.

Just accept. Appreciate. Believe and have faith.

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