Thoughts & Ideas

Be all

When we introduce ourselves

We ever think twice of our name

Its something our parents gave us

Something we define ourselves with
But then we stop


” I am” we start to speak

Who am I?

I have a name

But is it enough to go on in life?

Am I a writer?

An artist maybe

Or a baker
Its hard for us to limit ourselves on a title

Some people work all their lives to be called one thing

An artist

A writer

A designer

A doctor

But, is your life worth limiting for that one thing?
I am all

I believe that I am an artist when i want to

A writer when I love to

A baker when I wish to

A doctor when I care to
I am all

And you are all

Be all because you deserve to

Play all the roles

Because life is too short to be one thing

Discover everything

Try everyday

Fly everywhere

Because if you don’t

You will never know yourself truly

Dont stop

And dont rush

Take your time to discover yourself

Little by little

I wrote this piece when I was going to sleep. I suddenly imagined myself standing in front of people, introducing myself. And then it made me think, of the titles that we sometimes give ourself or sometimes are given to us. Many people take pride of the title they carry, and I respect that. But to me,as much as if give us experience and knowledge, I sometimes feel they are limiting us, making lack at the other fields we think. To me, I prefer being able to express myself in many fields without giving myself a title.

Those are my personal thoughts. Tell me yours💐


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